• "I was scared of my finances..."

    "I've never had anyone talk to me about credit cards, debt, APR, budget, etc. I have never learned how to save or what my options are. I just turned the blind eye to things and hoped for the best. It was very stressful.


    The more I learned, the better I felt looking at my bank statements every week... I've never had anyone break down financial stuff in such simple terms before... And no matter what, we have the power to adjust and shift." -- A.G.


    "I am actually super excited to do more!"

    "I have to honestly say that now knowing anything about my money was probably one of the biggest burdens I carried and as a new business owner, the fear of ruining my business because of my debts was hard.


    When Imelda showed me how to fix these things and guided me, it brought me a lot of relief.


    I know where my money is going and I am actually super excited to do more. I am ready to do new and more productive things with my money." --J.V.

    "It becomes a very grounding practice"

    "It made me lose this idea of perfection around money and the process of managing it.


    I feel like it's not as complicated as I had made it in my mind and I was able to begin to slowly unwind my stress around it and step by step build a new relationship with it (money)."

    -- T.W.

    "Money can be so hard to talk about..."

    "Money can be so hard to talk about and Imelda never made me feel stupid about my choices. Her understanding and confidence helped me be able to open up more about how I was actually spending and why -- which in turn, helped me see where I was making mistakes." -- J.F.

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