• Mission

    Empower individuals to cultivate a healthy and conscious
    relationship with money.

  • What blocks you from financial wellness?

    We all have various ingrained beliefs about money and emotional attachments that often block us

    from having a positive relationship with money. Oftentimes, we lack the technical knowledge around money issues and systems. How many of us learned these vital life skills in school or from our families? Most of the time we reach adulthood and find ourselves in financial situations with no guidance or support.


    Learn to transform old belief systems into new ones. Gain the financial knowledge and increase your confidence. You will become more self sufficient and capable as you inspire others around you. We will work together to ensure you have the tools that will help you achieve your financial goals while improving your relationship with money and yourself.

  • About

    As an empowerment artist, I joyfully share tools, resources and inspiration for others around the topic of money.


    With an extensive background in finance along with an artist/dancer perspective, I combine several techniques in mindfulness, movement, art, and of course, financial literacy to educate and empower.


    As multidimensional beings, we have several resources we can access to create a relationship with money that will support us on every level - intuitively, practically, and psychologically.


    It's time we connect with these resources to become an expanded version of ourselves that is empowered, compassionate, integrated and impactful.


    It's not just about money -- it's about creating a valuable impact for ourselves and the world around us!


    Questions? Feel free to reach out!

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