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Our First Newsletter!

We love the idea of having a space where we can come together with women like you to teach, learn, and discuss money.

We saw a need to talk about the issues we face specifically as women when it comes to money with an intention towards inquiry, reflection, and heart practices...hence the meditation part!

So, if you are someone who has an idea of what you “should” do when in comes to money, like create a budget, plan for the future, invest, etc.. but you’re not quite show HOW to do all that, then we invite you to come with us on this journey! We will give you practical tips for how to deal with your finances while also focusing on what we can do emotionally to cultivate a stress free relationship with money.

Sign up below for our monthly newsletter where you will find fun facts, quotes, our blog and announcements for upcoming workshops, webinars, and retreats.

We so appreciate having you be a part of our band of women and welcome comments and feedback as we go!

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