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    Empower women to cultivate a healthy and conscious relationship with money.

    Imelda Villalobos

    Financial Coach

    After starting her career in corporate finance, Imelda soon shifted her focus to small businesses and individuals by educating, training and providing the resources to become financially informed and empowered.


    Through her own personal experience, Imelda realized the significance of money in her relationships and overall well-being. Using her background in finance she decided to start re-shaping her relationship with money and help others do the same.


    Imelda now helps and inspires others towards financial independence and empowerment by focusing on developing the skills to become financially self-reliant, capable, and knowledgeable. She thrives on educating and coaching people to eliminate debt, customize budgets and set financial goals so that ultimately people can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


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    ProsperUs Financial Coaching


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